MATLAB: Configuring Remote Submission

This page contains instructions for submitting jobs to the Ithaca cluster from your desktop.

Note: You will need an account on Ithaca before you are able to submit jobs to the cluster.

Configure Matlab support files for remote submission

  1. Download the appropriate files for your release of Matlab:
  2. Version Support Files
    R2014b, R2014a, R2013b, R2013a, R2012b, R2012a Zip File
  3. Close Matlab if it is open.
  4. Unzip the zip archive and copy the contents to the local toolbox directory. Note: Make sure the contents (*.m files, etc) are directly in the toolbox/local directory and not in a subdirectory therein.
    • Windows: The default local toolbox location is C:\Program Files\MATLAB\(Version Number)\toolbox\local
    • Mac OS X: The default local toolbox location is /Applications/MATLAB_(Version Number).app/toolbox/local. In order to view or edit the contents of the application package, open /Applications in a Finder window. Then right-click the application and select "View Package Contents." Then navigate to the appropriate directory.

Create the Matlab parallel profile

Note: In version R2012a, MathWorks replaced the terminology "Configuration" with "Profile". So just be aware that we mean the same thing when we use those two terms.

  1. Download the Profile Setup Script.
  2. Open Matlab.
  3. Navigate to the folder where you saved the setup script.
  4. Run the script (you can simply type parallelProfile at the command line) and follow the instructions.
  5. If the script completes successfully, your profile should be complete.

Validate the profile

The best way to validate your profile is to simply walk through the step-by-step example for remote MATLAB submission provided here.

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