Requesting a Connection to VT-Rnet

The following is the process for submitting a proposal for a connection to VT-Rnet.

  1. A proposal is submitted in response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) (PDF). If you wish, you may contact Mark Gardner to discuss and refine your ideas prior to submitting a proposal .
  2. Proposals will be reviewed by a team comprised of members of ARC, NI&S, and academic faculty.
  3. Upon notification of award, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (PDF) signed by the investigator and the leader of their academic unit, along with an Interdepartmental Communications Request (ICR), needs to be be sent by your Network Liaison to NI&S, which will obtain the remaining signatures and send back the completed MOU.
  4. NI&S will work with the investigator and install a 10-Gbps port in an agreed upon location.
  5. The investigator will make any necessary configuration of their equipment to take advantage of the faster connection.

All Virginia Tech faculty on the Blacksburg campus and at other locations served directly by NI&S are eligible to submit a proposal.

In accordance with the MOU, the investigator will create a short report listing the benefit the connection has been to their research and instructional activities. Reports are due three times a year on the last business day of March, July, and November. Please refer to the MOU (PDF) for additional responsibilities.

Note: Investigators should understand that VT-Rnet is a pilot project with best effort support occurring during regular business hours only. The duration of the project is five years from October 22, 2016 at which time it is anticipated that other high-speed connectivity will be available.